Apply to Kellee L. Greene's ARC team!

*Please note, that at this time I will not be able to accept everyone that applies.  Only those accepted will be notified.  Thank you for your understanding and I will likely open to more ARCs in the future!  

*By signing up for the ARC Team you are agreeing to be added to my mailing list.*

Before you apply... please read through the following requirements.  Those who do not meet the requirements will not be accepted at this time.  Please contact me with any questions:

1.  You have read and enjoyed my other books!
2.  You enjoy a wide variety of genres, including but not limited to:  Sci-fi, Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic, Dystopian, Suspense, etc.
3.  You have a good review history on Amazon US (not just for my books.)
4.  You are willing to read and review the complimentary ARC copy within 3-4 days of release on Amazon US.  You will receive a reminder to review.
5.  If you're interested please fill out the application.  Complete all required fields accurately.

**How to link to your Amazon Public Profile:  1.  Sign in to Amazon.  2.  Select "Your Account"  3.  Navigate down to "Personalization" and click "Your Public Profile"  4.  Copy and Paste the URL at the top of the browser page.**
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Navigate to your Amazon Profile... copy and paste link to all your reviews.
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